These 3-bedded cottages are suitable for parents with children. One more person (child) can be accommodated.


This cottae area is located in a sunny hillside  6km northwet of Jicin, in the very heart of the Prachov Rocks.

GPS coordinates: Loc: 50°27'52.835"N, 15°18'23.299"E

Get off the main road into the No Entry turning (guests to our facilities are allowed in).  Entrance after 50m.


The cottage area is equipped with brand new toilets.


There is a kitchenette in the coattage area (refrigerator, hot plate, electric kettle, tableware and utensils, hot/cold tab). The large tent serves as a meeting place for more people.

                                                                                                          A bird view of the accommodation facilities


Possible activities

  • walking round the Prachov Rocks in
  • cycling along bikeways of the Bohemian Paradise
  • climbing real sand rocks, or  "indoor" manmade walls (in Sobotka)
  • bathing and swimming in Jinolice ponds,  Aqua-park in Jičín, and other areas
  • sightseeing a varieaty of palaces (Humprecht, Malá skála, Hrubá skála, Valdštein, ...), castles (Kost, Staré hrady, ...) and ruins (Trosky, Valečov....)  battlefields of 1866
  • city touring (Valdstein tower, the palace of  Smiricky,  the two-kilometerlipovou lime tree alley,
  • sightseeing flights over the Bohemian Paradise
  • visiting festivals (Šrámkova Sobotka in July, Fairytale Festival in early September)
  • realaxing in the cottage area, enjoying meals prepared in the kitchenette



















   1 cottage / 1 night - 2-week stay






   1 cottage / 1 night - 1-week stay  

   1 coattage / 1 night - less than 1 week stay


                    450 CZK

                    550 CZK




                    600 CZK

 blanket+pillow/bed/night 100 CZK/cottage/night
fourth person (child) in the cottage 0- 100 CZK/1x night
Shower 30 CZK/1x use
Parking free of charge
Pet free of charge